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Friends, these days a woman named Seema Haider trains a lot on media and social media and you already know the If you don’t know then we will tell you. Seema is a water women who came to India for her love through The love she had while playing PUBG with an Indian boy who was already still fell in love with an Indian boy that’s why he fled to India with four His coming like this raised questions on the Has she really come for love or is she a spy. It’s going to be very interesting, let’s talk from the beginning in the year 2020 when there was a lockdown in both the countries due to Corona, in that free time both of them used to play PUBG, then they used to play PUBG like this. See you in the game itself.

only in hindi game pair of these two and from here both delhi started talking to each After about 2 months both of them started making video The attachment of these two towards each other was so great that both of them fell in love with each they both talk to each other a lot day and night Seema told. Her husband lives in Don’t respect me at Sachin used to send money just for the children, after talking to Sachin, Seema got so attached that she decided to get married. Both met in Nepal in March this year, they both stayed in Nepal for a week and during that time both of them got married in Pashupatinath Seema had to come to India, that’s why the small plot on the border was sold, from which Seema got passports for herself and her Applied Nepal visa and came to Nepal via Dubai and then in May. That India in the chest.

She came to India to live in the first 1 month both of them lived in a rented house in Noida, both of them talked to a lawyer for That lawyer gave this information to the police. Seema was arrested but soon she got bail. Although after this this thing spread in the media not only in the Indian media but also in the Pakistani media and there was a lot of commotion on the media and the same Seema says that she will not go back to Pakistan at any Even if he loses his life. Cheema converted to Hinduism and gave Hindu names to his children, the largest number of people became happy, while a large number of people also turned against the friends it is standing that how 15th pass woman can get passport and visa by selling her How does it reach there and Nepal. Where to limit?

Apart from this, Sachin is not so handsome even in appearance, nor does he do any He lives in a broken To say so, the pundits of love say that love does not see poverty, richness, caste, high-low, wealth, but it practically does not happen, so what did Seema see in Sachin? Seema has a brother in the Pakistani Army as well. that’s why people are doubting that Seema Haider is not a spy when Seema was asked this question, Seema said, the four children I gave birth to in my womb, why would I have brought them here if I was a spy, I would have come alone many people do not agree with this answer of Seema. At the same time, many people want to adopt the eye-catching mother, a large number of people are celebrating Seema’s coming to India and changing religion. may be considered. It has been observed that

It has been observed that women do not have much freedom in Pakistan and the future of children in the country is not very special because women in India are respected more than in Pakistan and there are many such videos on YouTube as pakistani girls tell india better than For women, there may be some deception even more than all this. When a woman or girl or boy goes to another country and marries a citizen of that country, then they get citizenship of that country, but it is limited. It is also difficult because Seema entered India illegally. Unless she goes to Pakistan and comes to India legally, she will not get Indian citizenship, but she has to She will die and will not go back to Friends, whatever happens next is a matter to be seen. Hope you liked the information.

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