10 Unknown facts about Carryminati. Net worth, Girlfriend

Carryminaty as knows as Ajay Nagar is an Indian YouTuber and gamer. He has two channels now,One is Carryminaty which has 3.2 corer subscribers and the second is Carriyislive which has 97.2 lakh subscribers.


. carryminati

Carryminati real name is Ajay Nagar. He was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana. Apart from Carry, he also has a mother, father and an elder brother named Yash who is a guitarist and music producer. Carry did his schooling from DPS Faridabad. Since childhood, Ajay did not feel like reading and used to spend a lot of time playing games. Carryminati also helped to raise a huge amount of funds for the Pulwama attack survivors. He tweeted on his official handle that he was able to raise 1,58,000 for the soldiers’ family.


 It is a matter of 2010, when Ajay was 12 years old, his friend said that he should download windows 2007 because all the games would run in it. Ajay accepted the advice of his friend and downloaded Windows 2007 on his PC. Then Ajay liked the new features of Window Seven.

In this way he made His first video on it and uploaded on his YouTube channel named stealthfearzz. After uploading that video He had thought that whatever has to be done on YouTube itself, after that Ajay used to put videos of football and sometimes videos of tutorials while playing football. Meaning whatever an 11 year old child could have done, he did everything. But that channel also had very few visitors. That channel is still on YouTube.


But slowly this hobby of Ajay started turning into fashion and he started working for YouTube. And at the age of 15, Ajay created his gaming channel on 30 October 2014 and named the channel Addicted a1. Where he used to play Counter Strike and also commented on the game play, that too in the voice of Sunny Deol and sometimes in the voice of Hrithik Roshan.

Ajay made more than 150 videos of Counter Strike in almost 2 years. But at that time very few people in India liked to watch the game play. All the more subscriber Ajay had, he used to watch only for Ajay’s commentary. Therefore, Carry changed the name of his channel from Addicted a1 to Carrydeol. After changing the name,Carry made all the videos on his channel private.



Then carry started roasting small artists along with the game play, which was largely inspired by an American YouTuber.But Ajay tried for the first time in India, people liked that content and the channel started growing slowly.

Then Ajay changed the logo and name of his channel on 23 April 2016. Changed the name from Carrydeol to Carryminati  and roasted the cringe singer and dancer one after the other. At that time, the BB ki vines i.e. Bhuvan Bam had become quite famous, no one had roasted Bhuvan Bam at that time, but Carryminati roasted it.

Then after that the subscriber on Ajay’s channel started growing very fast. Because this video within 7 days became quite viral. Bhuvan Bam’s supporter started abusing Ajay after seeing this video because it was new for people but Bhuvan Bam himself appreciate the video. After that Carryminati started getting a lot of love.

Before Bhuvan Bam’s roasting i.e. from 2014 to 2016 Carryminati had 50,000 subscribers, but after Bhuvan Bam’s roast, carry’s channel had become the fastest growing channel in India. Then Ajay understood that what people want. That month Ajay made seven videos on his channel.

When carry channel started growing well, his 12th exam was very near. The Economics paper was the next day, but Ajay did not read anything for a year due to the affair of YouTube. He went to his father the night before the exam and said papa it will not happen to me. His father smiled and said, let’s go. You do what you want to do.

After completed Ajay’s one lakh Subscribers, he started giving full time to YouTube, taking dropout from his regular school. So it was very important to have the support of the family. Ajay created another channel named carryislive on 8th January 2017. He uploads game play videos and daily live stream on this channel.


Copyright strike started on His channel On 10 August 2016, there was a 3 strike on his channel. That strike was from Baap Bakchod and Nepali Singer Bhim narula. Because Ajay had roasted them which both the creators did not like. But due to Ajay’s fan’s love and support back all the strikes and carryminati channel was saved from getting terminated.


When the trend of youtube vs tik tok was running, then Amir Siddiqui had said the opposite about the YouTube creator.After that many youtubers replied to Aamir Siddiqui in their own style. But when the video of YouTube vs Tik Tok came from carryminati after which many YouTube records were broken.

His videos became the most liked videos on YouTube, after which Ajay gained 1.3 million subscribers in 1 hour. Which till date no one has tormented this record in the whole of YouTube. But the sad thing is that due to some guide line, that video of Ajay got deleted.



It is not yet revealed whether Ajay has a girlfriend or not, in most cases, Ajay refuses. But in those days when Carry roasted Pardesi Girl, how Pardesi Girl is making her own video only giving reaction on Bhuvan Bam’s video. Pardesi Girl did not defend herself in the roast video. Along with that, she had appraised Ajay’s video. And it turned out that both of them are also messaging each other. People thought that both of them were dating each other. But both made it clear that there is nothing like this between them. So technically carryminati is single now.



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